Saviiour is a group of agencies working in the Debt Recovery Management activities for the Banks , N.B.F.C’s and Financial Institutions.  Saviiour has its head office in Ludhiana and working teams in Chandigarh, all major cities of Punjab and Himachal. We represent Some of India’s leading Banks, International Banks, NBFCs and Financial Institutions.

At Saviiour We understand that debt recovery is a highly specialist job, involving sensitivity, caution and meticulous care. We fully recognize that we are frequently dealing with sensitive issues while recovering the delinquent accounts. We understand that debtors are Bank’s clients and therefore we believe in resolving the bad debts collection matters through friendly negotiations. We always adopt a considerate, friendly and courteous approach with the debtors to ensure better business relationship whilst simultaneously protecting the interests of our clients, in the event where the firm action is necessary we move quickly and effectively to save the institution’s interest.



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